Create an infographic for designers on preparing for the interview process that can be published on the web or social media sites (such as Pinterest) using information from the AIGA talk of Ashley Rundall. Also, create individual slides of each point to be used on Facebook and Instagram. (Audience: 19-30-year-old designers in college or freshly graduated and looking for a job.)

The fonts used are clean and modern to appeal to the younger designers coming fresh out of college. The scripted font used gives a little flair to demonstrate creativity and mimic pencil and pen strokes while mimicking hand-written notes that the audience would be taking during the interview. The fun, modern illustrative style of simplistic people and objects is meant to appeal to the younger audience and not take away from the points. The colors chosen are meant to be professional (blue), grab attention (red), and show creativity (yellow). Lastly, the subheading for each point was meant to convey the point of each topic for those scanning through the infographic while more informative, short paragraphs were included below for those who want to know more.
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