Create a movie and teaser poster as well as some movie theater collateral (popcorn/ticket) based on the Native American tale of how the white crow guardian became black. It’s an epic tale of how the guardian crow who had rainbow-tinted feathers saved the earth from an eternal ice age by bringing fire back from the sun but burned its feathers in the process. (Audience is younger to older adults interested in action films, ages 18-50.)
The guardian male behind the crow is meant to resemble smoke coming from the bird, which is set prominently as the focal point to convey the focus of the film. The simple, solemn layout with striking imagery of vivid rainbow flames is used to appeal to younger and older adults. A gradient was applied to the title, resembling the crow's flames, and the font Talon was used to look like the bird's talons. Also, a dark background was used to make the white crow stand out while the rainbow colors give an idea of the story.
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