Create a window design for the 2020 Holiday Run in the downtown area of Joliet. The theme is to represent different holidays from around the world, as well as show inclusiveness and diversity of Joliet Junior College. The display will be on the college’s culinary building for the run. (Audience: college students, families, and the local community.)  
I worked virtually with a team of 12 to create a cohesive display for 8 windows and designed my own window focused on a family at Christmas. To create consistency across multiple windows while still portraying different holidays, a consistent glittery border was used to convey twinkling lights and happiness. For my window, red and brown tones were used to convey warmth and family for the holidays. The image's edges were blurred to put focus on the family. It also conveyed the idea of focusing on people in 2020 which was a year of strife, uncertainty, and division throughout the country.
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