Write, illustrate, and design a layout for a magazine spread on what our world would look like if bees went extinct. It looks at a world without common foods, such as fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, and focuses on raising awareness for the bees and how their lives affect our future. (Audience: educated, 16-30-year-olds who enjoy nature and want to learn about the impact of bees.)
​​​​​​​Pops of a soft honey-yellow color is used because it gave the essence of a bee while the monotone color scheme reflected the article’s somber content. A more sketchy-looking bee was illustrated because it is more appealing to the target market’s age range. Also, the bee's wings are designed to resemble decaying leaves which match the heading’s type, demonstrated the destruction of our crops, and the death of bees written about in the article. The font “Nuclear” was used because it matched the illustration and the decaying letterforms mirrored the article's topic and written content. 

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