Create a packaging design for a matchstick box with sustainable matchsticks based on the Chinese fire dragon. (Audience: 21-40 year-olds who care about the environment and are interested in having interesting products with appealing packaging for their household.)
Wooden matchsticks, when responsibly sourced, produce less waste than the plastic from lighters. To make the younger audience find the matchsticks more appealing to purchase, the packaging design is based on retro matchstick boxes with a modern flair of a minimal fire dragon design. An intricate pattern of dragon scales was used to create a vintage-inspired backdrop and tie in with the dragon coming from the match's flame. Certification icons that show that the matches are responsibly sourced are used to make it quick to recognize that the matches are certifiably safe for the environment. The color red was used to convey the idea of the fire dragon and fire. The modern font, Ivy Mode, with flowing terminals was used to mirror the flame but still look current because of the sans-serif design.
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