Create a logo, logo applications, and a manual for Monee Reservoir to describe how to use the created marks. Also, create a consistent brand to appeal to a wide audience range for the park, from kids to moms, to older fishermen. (Audience: young to old fishermen, kayakers, moms picnicking, ages 13-70-year-olds.)
The focus was on the water at the reservoir as well as forestry and Monee's motto of bringing people and nature together. For the main mark, the park's native bird, a heron, was used with two of Monee's most common elements, water, and trees. The teardrop shape of the mark conveys the idea of water. Also, the color palette is comprised of muted tones to appeal to a wider audience range. It is modern and mature enough for an older audience, but still, upbeat and colorful for kids. The secondary marks are black to be cheaper for reproduction with a government budget. The secondary marks all use a rounded shape, playing with positive and negative space to flow like water, They also keep the same consistent style to relate to each other. The graphic standards manual was created to convey the brand's style and use the forest and water elements of the park from the logo.
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